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Zagaja.com – Regulators Should Sanction Phone Carriers Over 5G Advertising
Verizon has spent the past several years pushing 5G in its advertising. In a war for customers with rivals T-Mobile and at&t the major three carriers have promised consumers life changing service if they upgrade to the latest 5G phone plans. Marketing showed mind boggling multi-gigabit speeds while consumers learned...
Zagaja.com – How Big of an Upgrade is iPhone 15, Really?
The hard part of Apples new phone release is deciding whether it is worth upgrading. The reality is for many folks phone technology has plateaued. Much of the innovation Apple unpacks every year is not released to the experience of the phone itself, but rather its camera. Since iPhone X...
Civic Innovations – What to know about no code development tools
A recent panel discussion facilitated by ACT-IAC, which included former and current government employees, provided deeper insight into the challenges agencies are facing when working to deliver new services.  The shorthand takeaway: There is a need for more speed. This ACT-IAC panel discussion focused on the growing use of low-code...
Zagaja.com – A Vision for Community Civic Technology
With September comes rhythms of Autumn, falling leaves, pumpkin flavored coffee, and a return to school. At community civic tech groups like Code for Boston it ushers in one of the two large surges we have in attendance each year. Whether its driven by a desire to make new friends,...
Zagaja.com – One Billion Americans
In his 2020 tome Matthew Yglesias (formerly of Vox) asks us to dream big. Through this dream of increasing Americas population to a billion he gives us a tour of the challenges and Americas policy failures from fertility to housing. In Yglesias mind a large series of tweaks from immigration...


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