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Zagaja.com – The End of the Tech Job Bubble
2012 to 2023 was a decade of massive growth for technology companies. Fueled by low interest rates, aggressive venture capital investments, and a massive surge in pandemic related technology expenditures, there was no limit for the demand for software engineers and adjacent roles. Flush with cash companies did not have...
Bill Hunt – Series Three Shirts
Ive just released SIX NEW SHIRT DESIGNS for my series three run, celebrating a variety of hot topics including Login.gov, the DATA Act of 2014, Artificial Intelligence, and Agile software development. Check them out!
Zagaja.com – When Abstractions Break
An abstraction is a mental shortcut. Good abstractions save you the time and effort of learning about something in order to focus on a larger picture. You probably use abstractions all the time. Instead of learning about auto repair you go to a mechanic. It would seem odd to need...


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